Book Club Questions

JBBonds_AboutHave a book club? Here are some questions to chat over:

1.  With which sister do you most identify?

2.  Would you like to live with your adult siblings?  How do you think it would work out?

3.  Would you consider moving to a new location when you retire or would you like to stay close to home or near your children?

4.  Have you ever been to Key West?  Does this story capture the ambiance?

5. If you lived in Rainbow’s End, would you have bought the Caliente Honey?

6.  Have you ever been the victim of a con?

7.  If you moved into Rainbow’s End, who would be your best friend?  Which club would you join?

8.  What do you think about cross dressing?  Google “cross dressing” and learn more about why people do it.

9.  What do you think the characters in Rainbow’s End would think about the recent Zimmerman trial?

10.  Watch the movie “Marigold Hotel.”  How does this story compare to that version of retirement?

11.  If this were a movie, who would be the star?

12.  Did this book change the way you look at older people?

13.  If you were to get a tattoo, what would it be?

14.  What were the surprises in the story?

15.  How are “family” and “community” defined in this story?

16.  If this were a movie, who would play the sisters?

17.  If you could pick one of the characters from the story to be your grandmother/grandfather, who would you pick?

18.  How does Rainbow’s End differ from a community where the residents are not retired?  Would the story be different?

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