Style Tips From Senior Citizens

Something I seem to be experiencing lately is a feeling of more freedom to do exactly what I please.  This goes for what I wear, what I eat, what I say, and how I feel about what people think about me.  I know this comes along with getting older, and I’ve seen this happen, firsthand, with my mom and other relatives.  I would think,  what is wrong with my mother when she would say “Don’t count on me to bring anything to the picnic, I’ve sworn off cooking”.  Now I know nothing was wrong with my mother other than the fact she had grown into her senior status.

 There comes a time when you could care less what other people think about what you’re wearing, or what you’re saying, or what you decide you don’t want to do anymore.  At first, when I started having these feelings, I felt some guilt, but now I’m starting to embrace the notion.  Don’t get me wrong, some seniors can take this new found freedom to the extreme and cause all kinds of angst among their friends and family.  I’m not talking about the stereotypical old, crotchety granny or seldom bathed bewhiskered gramps, but the new age senior who is very aware of the fact they can now wear just about anything they can put together, and people will merely smile and nod their heads while saying, “Now that’s what I want to look like when I’m her age.  Who would think that plaid skirt would ever go with the black and white stripe shirt, and look at those sunglasses!  She’s terrific!”

When I saw this series of pictures of seniors, in all their glory, displaying their idea of fashion, I couldn’t help but smile, and say “Yes!  That’s what I’m talking about!” 

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18 Fabulous Style Tips For Senior Citizens from

Statement jewelry, statement glasses, statement hair. Statement everything!

Pile on those bracelets!

Pile on those bracelets!