Laugh More So You Will Live More

Have you ever laughed so hard your cheeks hurt? When that happens we in the South call it “getting the cheeks”. Have you ever laughed so hard that once you could catch your breathe, you say “that felt so good to laugh”?

Everything about laughter is a positive. I’ve even read you burn more calories when you’re laughing, your blood pressure goes down, and stress levels reduce. Unfortunately, it seems to me that people are not laughing enough these days. Needless to say, the daily news does not bring us a lot to laugh about, but as human beings we need to find the humor in our lives more often. If you have a friend who makes you laugh, be with them as much as possible. Try to read books that have humor in them. Try not to look at life so seriously all the time.

Finding time to just sit and talk with dear friends and tell great stories that make us bend over in laughter is absolutely the best medicine, and something senior citizens should definitely be doing more often. You would be amazed how much better you feel after a good laugh. Maybe that smile will actually creep back on your face when you think about what made you laugh in the first place.

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