Baby Boomers Find New Work Passions and Careers

If anyone had told my sister and I that we would be getting ready to publish our first book at the ages of 63 and 65, we would have told them they were crazy! Don’t think that just because you are retired or reaching senior status, that you have to sit back and be idle. A new passion or career is just what you need to give new meaning to your life.

Philip Moeller, contributing editor for U.S. News Money, writes about achieving success and happiness in older age.

Encore Careers Visionary Pushes Social Change

December 7, 2012 RSS Feed Print

Older couple painting on a canvas outdoors

“The idea of older people finding new work passions and careers well into their 60s and even 70s has entered the mainstream. Driven by surging numbers of aging baby boomers and a tough recession, encore careers have become increasingly common. ”


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