Editing Your Book

My sister and I just self published our first book, “Rainbow’s End” and it’s now available on Amazon.com  in both Kindle and paperback. What a thrill to see it posted on the Amazon website. We’ve both bought so many books from them, never realizing that some day we would have a book on there. After going to the South Carolina Writer’s Workshop in Myrtle Beach last October, we came home with so much good information about what to do next in the process of getting published. We can’t stress enough how important going to a workshop of this kind can be.  Not only did we get vital information on what to do next in the process, but we met some wonderful authors.

One of the things we learned about was finding an editor, and we did get a few names.  We contacted several of the editors and settled on one we felt would work for us.  Now, here’s our quandry.  We’re not sure what an editor is suppose to do in a “total” edit.  That’s what we hired our editor to do, but what we thought was a total edit and what we got in the end product were not the same. Here’s the dilemma, and if there is anyone out there who can answer our questions, please do so.  We know that an editor is supposed to read for misspelling, punctuation, etc., but are they supposed to edit for grammar, for verb tenses, flow of storyline, character development?  Is it normal to get what the editor considers a final edit, and find lots of things that were missed?

How about scene changes?  What if the editor found some scene changes and added the spaces to denote that change, but when we read the book after that edit, there were at least 8 or 10 that had been missed. I guess we’re just not sure what we should have gotten as a “total” edit.

Maybe we’re expecting too much.  Our editor was invaluable as far as getting the book formatted and uploaded to Amazon as an ebook and in paperback.  Also, our editor was available to answer questions at any time and got back to us promptly with any answer we needed to a question.

Any other authors out there, who have used an editor? Could you share what you got in the way of services for what you were charged? Other than not being sure about whether our book was properly and completely edited, as we expected, the whole process has been wonderful.  In fact, we are currently working on storylines for a sequel to “Rainbow’s End”.

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