About JB Bonds

JB Bonds is the pen name for Jane and Brenda, sisters, who have raised two beautiful families, and been blessed with a close, enduring relationship throughout their lives.  They have collected rich, humorous stories over the years, and decided to incorporate them into their first book, Rainbow’s End.

Neither have written before, but found the experience to be both rewarding and energizing.

Jane Bonds McCoy had a career working at several universities as she followed her husband, Jim, in his career.  After twenty years of trying for a family, she had a daughter, and then only thirteen months later, a son. They now have a grandson. That’s when her life was enriched beyond measure. After multiple moves over the past forty years, Jane has made many friendships that she treasures to this day. Most of the humorous episodes in “Rainbow’s End” are true stories passed on by her friends or that have happened while Jane was on girls trips with her sister Brenda. Jane continues to write every day with the help of her sister.

Brenda Bonds Rowell, ND, enjoyed a career in the travel industry before starting her family of two wonderful daughters. Brenda earned her Doctorate in Natural Health from Clayton College of Natural Health. She also followed and supported her husband Chuck throughout his career. Brenda has traveled extensively with her husband, and it is during one of those trips, that the concept of “Rainbow’s End” was hatched. Brenda says, “We are both excited about all this book is bringing to our lives now.  Who would have thought that when I was in my sixties, I would be busier than ever before in my life, and I love it!” A sequel “Pelican Key” is in the works! Brenda has a beautiful granddaughter that is the love of her life!

Jane lives with her husband, Jim, in Lexington, VA. and Brenda lives with her husband, Chuck, on Smith Mountain Lake in VA.