Welcome to the home page of author JB Bonds, sisters Jane McCoy and Brenda Rowell. They have written “Rainbow’s End” and the sequel “Pelican Key”.  Their web page is graced with the artwork by artist Frank Strasser.  To see other pieces of artwork done by Frank Strasser, please visit frankstrasser.com.

Joanie and Roz, widowed, septuagenarian sisters, moved to Pelican Key, twenty miles north of Key West, Florida to live together for support and companionship. From the beginning, Roz made the observation that living there made every day seem like Saturday, except Sunday.

Little did the sisters know that they were soon to get involved with a cross dresser, a kleptomaniac, amorous affairs, lots of cats, and a situation that puts them in peril.

All of this adds up to a book filled with escapades and events that will tickle your funny bone, but most importantly, will prove you don¹t retire to die, but to live.

JB Bonds is the pen name for Jane McCoy and Brenda Rowell, sisters, who have raised two beautiful families, and been blessed with a close, enduring relationship throughout their lives. They have collected rich, humorous stories over the years, and decided to incorporate them into their books, Rainbow’s End and Pelican Key. Neither have written before, but found the experience to be both rewarding and energizing. Jane lives with her husband, Jim, in Asheville, NC and Brenda spends six months at Smith Mountain Lake, VA. and six months at Myrtle Beach, SC with her husband, Chuck. Both couples are enjoying retirement.